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The Wilbur Leasing Legacy 1967 – 2013 Published in LEASING LOGIC – Fall 2013

Focus on the Family – Wilbur Leasing Legacy 1967 to 2013 An interview by Brian Huey of Leasing Logic exploring the Wilburs, their 46 years in the commercial finance industry and the evolution of Charter Capital , a family business..

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Charter Capital

Charter Capital is a commercial finance brokerage firm.

We are family owned and managed and for over 35 years we have provided our customers with intelligently structured equipment and technology leases and loans from about $25,000 to about $2,000,000.

We maintain a mature network of over 40 commercial lending partners that have contracted with us to provide them with leases and loans for their investment portfolios. This network consists of large commercial banks, regional banks, community banks, commercial finance companies, investor groups and the finance arm of a major insurance company. We constantly refresh this network by exploring potential relationships with new funding channels.

We provide Application Only (no financials required) leases and loans to $150,000 and in some cases up to $400,000.

We provide Full Disclosure (traditional financial lending requirements) leases and loans to about $2,000,000.

We earn our customer with performance not promises.

Please contact one of the family for additional information.

Behind the Curtain

Do you want to get a firsthand glimpse of what goes on in the executive offices of many commercial lenders? Get smarter, learn more and save money by getting periodic reports, articles and white papers presented by well-seasoned business executives that have spent the majority of their time on the front lines not the boardrooms.

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Application Only
$25k - $150k & More

This product is designed for established businesses that require up to $150,000 in equipment or technology financing and would rather not provide full financial disclosure. In some instances Application Only leases and loans are available up to as much as

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Full Financial Disclosure
$25k - $2.0 million

This product is designed for established businesses (generally five years or more in business, however, there are exceptions to this) that require any amount from approximately $25k to approximately $2mm in equipment or technology financing and are willing to provide the typically required financial information.

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Finance Doctor
The Finance Doctor is offering a free consultation to any visitor to our site. Are you interested in learning about various types of commercial loans or other financing options, Evergreen Clauses, excessive charges or fees, or simply want another opinion about a lease or loan you’re considering? Contact the Finance Doctor. No Cost, No Obligation, No Solicitation, No Tricks
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Recent Case Studies

35 Loans - $3.0 MillionOil Company

29 Loans - $1.8 MillionMobile Comm.

3 Loans - $250KScientific Research

3 Loans - $850KFast Food Franchise


Membership, participation and partnerships with business groups and trade associations that foster responsible and ethical business practices.

Stated policies explaining how Charter Capital treats nominal purchase options, early terminations, commitment fees and others important components of a lease or a loan.

We are here to help answer any questions at any time!

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