8 Offline Marketing Ideas for Construction Companies

From investing in billboards to attending trade shows, here are eight ideas that answer the question, “How can construction companies utilize offline marketing?”


  • Invest in Billboards
  • Build Symbolic Statues in Communities
  • Connect With People at Education and Careers Events
  • Become a Sponsor
  • Wrap up a Vehicle Fleet
  • Donate Time or Materials to Charities
  • Turn a Building Site Into a Billboard With Vinyl
  • Attend Trade Shows


Invest in Billboards

One offline marketing idea that I’ve personally seen great success with is billboard advertising. Especially in areas that are experiencing growth due to construction, a billboard offers a highly visible reminder of the company behind the projects. It also allows for frequent updates or changes as necessary when a new project or service needs to be emphasized.

Billboard ads can be fairly inexpensive, depending on the location and amount of time you want them up for. And if you track your offline marketing movement alongside other efforts, you’ll soon find out if a billboard ad is leading to any new business.

Lorien Strydom, Executive Country Manager, Financer.com


Build Symbolic Statues in Communities

A company can focus on simultaneously boosting its reputation and driving interest towards its brand by creating culturally symbolic statues in a target community. When you build a statue that culturally resonates with your audience—preferably of a local icon or a hero which people in the community have sentimental attachments to—you tap into their existing passions, which in turn redirects their energy towards your brand.

Being humans, we’re positively biased towards brands who culturally connect with us. There’s an amplified sense of belonging between your company and the community you’re integrating with. The people in those communities feel your company understands their cultural story, and as a result they trust you more and, consequently, may end up doing more business with you.

Lotus Felix, CEO, Lotus Brains Studio


Connect With People at Education and Careers Events

Participating and taking part in educational or career-centric events is a key way to advertise a construction company without the use of digital media or an online platform. Not only are you using expert knowledge and experience to help others, but presentations and service advertisements can attract the attention of others and anyone attending.

This also gives you the opportunity to hand out business cards, leaflets, and other printed marketing materials. Many construction companies participate in these events to find new talent and potential workers for their company, as a way to actively search for recruitment and boost the construction industry.

Annie Everill, Digital marketing executive, Imaginaire Digital


Become a Sponsor

Whether you operate locally, across states, or the country, an effective online marketing venture is to become a sponsor. You can patronize various events, conferences, fair trades, educational projects, or other undertakings organized by different communities or circles. Donating money to a specific event or venture is entirely up to you. It also depends on what you want to achieve and who you want to target with your marketing efforts. Remember that you can also gain sponsor status by personally getting involved in organizing an event or donating construction materials.

During the event, it’s not just ads and banners that’ll announce your contribution to the event while advertising your company. Depending on your arrangements with the organizers, you can set up a stand, hand out flyers, or free promotional gadgets.

Nina Paczka, Community Manager, LiveCareer


Wrap up a Vehicle Fleet

One offline marketing idea for construction companies that may not be well-known is using vehicle wraps or graphics to advertise the company’s services. Vehicle wraps are large vinyl graphics that can be applied to a company’s fleet of vehicles, such as trucks or vans. These wraps can be used to promote the company’s brand and showcase its services, and they can be seen by a large number of people as the vehicles travel around the community.

Another advantage of vehicle wraps is that they can be relatively inexpensive compared to other forms of advertising, such as television or print ads. They also have a long lifespan and can be removed easily when the company wants to change or update its marketing message. It’s important to design the wraps in a visually appealing way and to choose vehicles that’ll be seen by a large number of people on a regular basis. They could consider combining it with online advertising or social media marketing, to reach a wider audience.

Chinmay Daflapurkar, Marketing manager, Arista Systems


Donate Time or Materials to Charities

Donating time or materials to a charity or other organization can be an effective way for a construction company to generate goodwill and build positive community relationships. This charity can increase the company’s visibility, as local journalists may be interested in covering the donation as a news story. To get started, the construction company can identify a charity or organization that could benefit from their assistance. This could be a local hospital, school, or other non-profit organization that needs materials or labor for a construction project.

Once the company has identified a suitable recipient for their donation, they can reach out to the organization to offer their assistance and to discuss the details of the donation.  After that, they can reach out to local newspapers and media publications to pitch it as a newsworthy event. Not only can donations help construction companies get exposure, but it’s extremely kind and will help people in need.

Axel DeAngelis, Founder, Jumpcoast


Turn a Building Site Into a Billboard With Vinyl

For construction companies looking to spruce up their marketing, consider turning their building sites into billboards with vinyl wraps. These wraps turn the physical structures already being erected into advertisements for the company as well as future projects.

Each construction site can become a moving advertisement for the brand, reaching far more than a traditional stationary billboard ever could. Even better, chances are, the cost of creating such a wrap will be greatly offset by potential savings in signage and advertising fees.

Carlos Trillo, Founder & CEO, Evinex


Attend Trade Shows

Trade shows are effective for construction companies to display their products in front of many people, as well as network with potential clients. Trade shows also offer a unique opportunity for companies to demonstrate their products and services in action, allowing customers to see the quality of work they do.

Companies should consider investing in a booth at a trade show, as well as making promotional materials such as flyers and business cards to hand out to attendees. Additionally, see about hosting demonstrations or workshops at the show which can further engage customers, who may be more interested in seeing the company’s services in action.

Andre Oentoro, Founder, Breadnbeyond