How To Get a Loan for 100k: 6 Tips

What is one tip for getting a loan for $100k?

To help you secure a $100k loan, we asked financial experts and business leaders this question for their best tips. From applying for a loan with three lenders to securing a co-signer with excellent credit, there are several tips that may help you secure a $100k loan for your business.

Here are six tips on getting a $100k loan:


  • Apply for a Loan With at Least Three Different Lenders
  • Have Amazing Credit
  • Apply for Instant Pre-approval
  • Raise from Your Community
  • Have a Solid Plan in Place
  • Secure a Co-Signer With Excellent Credit 

How To Get a Loan for 100k: 6 Tips


Apply for a Loan With at Least Three Different Lenders

Not all lenders are created equal, so it’s important to do your research and find the right lender for you. I would recommend applying for a loan with at least three different lenders.

Don’t just take the first loan offer that you receive – make sure to compare rates and terms carefully.

This means understanding the different loan types and their associated terms and conditions. It is also important to understand how the lending process works and what to expect along the way.

Paw Vej, Ldt


Have Amazing Credit!

One huge tip for anyone wanting to get a loan for $100k, whether it be personal or for business, is to have amazing credit! Ways to improve your credit score are to review your credit reports, have 30% credit utilization or less, handle bill payments, consolidating debts, and much more. Additional factors you must also take into account are your income, your debt-to-income ratio, and other minor factors that influence the likelihood that you’ll pay them back in the future. The lender will also want to make sure that you have an income that’s high enough to afford the monthly payments and that your overall debt-to-income ratio isn’t too high.

James Burati, 1-800-PackRat


Apply for Instant Pre-approval

Your best bet is to check out different online lenders and try to get pre-approved for a loan first. Depending on the lender, the process can be fast and easy, and pre-approval can help to expedite things once you’re ready to pull the trigger and take out a loan. Some lenders have applications that you can complete in minutes. Another thing that helps with the pre-approval process is having a good credit score. The higher your credit score, the more likely you are to get pre-approval.

Allan Switalski, LendThrive


Raise from Your Community

One way to get $100k is to raise from your community through Regulation Crowdfunding. Rather than relying on one lender, you can turn your network (think, friends, family, supporters, community, outside investors) into micro lenders, extending buy-in to your business while securing the capital you need to grow. Mainvest is one example of how you can do this.

Isabel Strobing, Mainvest


Have a Solid Plan in Place

If you’re looking for a loan of $100,000 or more, it’s important to have a solid plan in place. Be prepared to show the lender what you plan to use the money for. If you can provide a detailed budget and outline of your plans, that will help reassure the lender that you’re not taking on too much debt.

Claire Westbrook, LSAT Prep Hero


Secure a Co-Signer With Excellent Credit 

The best way to ensure great chances of approval for a 100K loan is to secure a co-signer with excellent credit, regardless of your own credit. While a co-signer is not always required in cases of great credit scores or allowed with certain lenders, it’s always a good idea to consider who may be able to fill this role as well as whether or not they are willing. If your credit score is average or even good, this element could be the difference between you securing the loan and being denied.

For example, with regards to the online lending service, LightStream, you are allowed a co-signer and are encouraged to employ one if your credit score is less than 720. Assuming that you have the necessary paperwork, a decent credit score, and a willing co-signer, you should be able to secure approval. When pursuing any kind of loan, it’s always a good idea to have a co-signer in your back pocket.

Reece Kresser, Zizi


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