We’re not the biggest or the fastest growing or the cheapest commercial finance broker. We don’t have penthouse offices in New York or Chicago or San Francisco. We don’t have a staff of thousands and in fact each of us answers our own phones.

We think we’re pretty good at what we do and apparently our customers agree.  Don’t take our word for it, check out what some of our customers have to say…

I have used 3-4 other leasing companies, Charter Capital has given us not only good terms, but working with Carey Wilbur, I have received the upmost personable, honest and professional treatment, that allows me a develop a strong confidence in them and look forward to doing more deals.
Richard Brandwynne has done a good job in finding funding for our recent equipment purchases. He followed things through so I would not have to worry. I highly recommend him.
Chad Shepherd
President – Shepherd Foods
I can say with no hesitation that Carey Wilbur, Rick Wilbur and the staff at CHARTER CAPITAL are a rare find in a marketplace full of companies only interested in the sale. They want you to be an informed customer and are happy to take their time to help you do what’s best for your business.
Ralph Riello
Owner/Founder – Barnstorm Productions
We are pleased with the quality of service your company has provided to us. Our compliments to you on your ability to cooperate with us. Doing business with CHARTER CAPITAL has met our expectations.
Hakop Yermagyan
– Yerma Jewelery
I have worked with many financing companies before, and have never experienced such an efficient and “hassle-free” leasing process. Charter proactively kept me informed, and I never got any “surprises”. I am confident that the Foundation will contact Charter Capital for any future financing needs.
Jo Leong
Accounting Manager – Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation
Your diligence in pursuing our financing needs allowed us to increase our shop capacity by 30%. It was a pleasure working with you and your professional manner in meeting our needs. I look forward to working with you again on our next financing requirement.
Cal Reynolds
President – Snowline Engineering
Our Company has been in business for a number of years and we have had experience with more than one company in the same business as Charter Capital. We are a relatively new customer of Charter Capital; however, our experience with Rick Wilbur has been all that Charter Capital advertises. We have had excellent service and unlike many other companies in the same business, all that we were promised in each of our requests has been as promised. We will not hesitate to contact Charter Capital for any future needs we may have.
Ken Billings
Chief Financial Officer and Board Member – PTS Rentals, Inc
As a manufacturer, buying the right equipment can be critical to the success of a project or to the company’s overall profitability, but as an entrepreneur, I always wrestled with the cash-flow dilemma of buying this equipment. Before I found Charter Capital and started working with them, financing the equipment always involved large down-payments, lengthy credit application processes, and often times, very onerous interest rates and terms. But by chance I met Carey Wilbur of Charter Capital, and without pressure he stayed in touch with me until I was ready to make another equipment purchase. The application process was very smooth, his service was very professional, and he got for me the best quote possible and the terms that worked for me. He managed the banks, the approval process, the funding and even helped me get the machinery delivered and set-up on time. If you are an entrepreneur that wants to focus on producing your product efficiently, and you need the right equipment, don’t be afraid to find, buy and finance the best. Charter Capital will find you the right financing, hassle-free, and without having to leave your office. I can now dream up 100 new projects, knowing that the right equipment (and the cash to acquire it) is only a call or an email away.
Andres Jaramillo
CEO – Don Pedro’s Meat Co
We recently were in a situation that required a quick turnaround on some equipment financing. We got immediate attention and had financing in less than 30 days with no hassles. The associates at CHARTER CAPITAL have been great with meeting our financial needs.
Butch Vanderpool
President – Health Care Diagnostics
I’ve dealt with Carey Wilbur and the staff at Charter Capitol for the past several years. Carey has helped me with three or four leases in that time frame. Everything has always gone smooth as silk. He always works on getting me the best deal, and steering me to the proper lender. It’s been very easy to work with Charter Capital, and I will continue to go them on any future equipment needs for my company.
Ken Grupe
Owner – Marshall Spring Manufacturing
My practice of Homeopathic and Integrative Medicine has had varied and unique equipment needs. We’ve always been able to turn to Charter Capital and get our needs met in a friendly and cordial competitive manner. There is nothing uncomfortable about going through the credit approval process and we look forward to using their services again in the future.
Dr. Bruce Shelton (MD, MD(H), DiHom, FBIH
Valley Integrative Physicians
The staff at Charter Capital is GREAT. Carey Wilbur is a very nice and PROFESSIONAL person to deal with. Here is my personal cell number, if you need it for any new customers to call directly and ask about the GREAT treatment I have received from Charter Capital. Eddie Blankenship (606) 624-RENT.
Eddie Blankenship
Convenient Rentals & Storage
We at Big Shoulders have had multiple leases with Charter over the last decade. We have found them to be extremely easy to work with. Although initially we went with them because they had the most competitive rates, we pleasantly found out they also gave us the best service. The process was smooth and efficient in the beginning. Once we established the lease, it was on auto-pilot, with no surprises and no hiccups. We would recommend Charter Capital to anyone who finds themselves in need of a quality financial institution.
Frank Hanes
President – Big Shoulders, Inc
I’m very satisfied. We had good communication and your service was great. I would absolutely recommend you to other people.
Joe Avallone
Creative Group
I am extremely satisfied with the experience my company had when doing business with Charter Capital. When several financial institutes, including our local bank who we do daily business with, would not lend us capital to finance our business, or their rates and conditions were not competitive Charter Capital was happy to accept our business with competitive rates. Charter and their professional staff made the process of obtaining financing, working with our preferred hardware vendor very simple and straightforward. Their follow up was superb, making sure all equipment was received in a timely manner and within the timeframe quoted by the vendor. While we will always shop around when obtaining financing, Charter will always be on the list and I suspect will win the business. I wish other financial institutes would follow their model, although I’m sure Charter is glad they’re not.
Geoff Gauldin
President – 3 Essentials, Inc
CHARTER CAPITAL bent over backwards to make sure we got the equipment lease we needed at the best possible price. It’s a pleasure to work with a company made up of real people who treat their customers like real people, too.
Jon Williams
Table Rock Productions, Inc.
It has been two years since Charter Capital solicited my business. Their competitive rates consistently beat the competition and the personal service and follow through that Carey Wilbur brings to each deal keep me coming back. Great company they will have all my business.
Tom Baseggio
President – Tri-Com Corporation
“Charter Capital makes borrowing money very easy, one call and they take care of the rest with a great rate and excellent customer service.
Minoo Mehta
General Manager – ZAFCO
Our experience with CHARTER CAPITAL has been terrific. On every one of our leases, the service has been prompt, professional and straightforward. In our last lease there were some bumps with the vendor that you handled skilfully. I doubt the deal would have been done without your help.
Jack W. Hayhow, Jr.
Opus Communications, Inc.
I have worked with Brad Sherry on several projects over the last seven years. He always goes the extra mile to make our projects run smoothly. Since I purchase most of my equipment from Italian manufacturers, some leasing companies haven’t been willing to jump through all the hoops to make my projects come together. I know I can always depend on Brad to come up with a solution, which usually requires a lot of extra effort on his part.
Dale Marsh
Owner – Tile Artisans
It has been a pleasure to work with the entire staff of CHARTER CAPITAL. You established a good working relationship with us from the first day. You continue to be responsive to our growing needs and follow through on all projects. We appreciate having a consistent business partner in today’s ever-changing business environment.
Gary Gryncewicz
CFO – IC Intracom USA, Inc
We would like to thank you for the professional service we received. Carey was very courteous and handled the transaction with ease. We will contact Carey Wilbur for our next financial needs.
Barry LaFlore
Owner – Texas Sumo Rentals
I wanted to personally thank you for your support through the years. Your constant contact with the customer gives us the updates we need in order to close the deal. Your “never give up” attitude is refreshing and motivating.
Karen Belmont
Belmont Equipment Company/Belmont Technologies
Recently we created a small start-up business in preparation of a soon to be realized retirement. Several other lenders’ shied away from doing any funding on a new stand-alone endeavor. Rick and his staff at Charter Capital went above and beyond to get our new retirement business qualified and funded for equipment purchases. I would not hesitate in recommending the staff at Charter Capital for any financing needs. Retiring from the automotive business after 40 years, I only wish we had known of them sooner.
Dick Guthrie
Owner – J&D Autobody
Our company has used CHARTER CAPITAL on a number of occasions to purchase capital equipment. Our satisfaction with CHARTER CAPITAL has caused us to incorporate their financing options in our proposals to prospects that request quotations for our capital equipment.
Jack Heinzeman
Pro-Fusion Technologies
Working with CHARTER CAPITAL has been a ‘win-win-win’! CHARTER CAPITAL has been able to get deals done quickly. We recommend leasing through CHARTER CAPITAL. It has increased our ability to sell more computers and improved our customer’s satisfaction with our products and services.
Joe Prewitt
Southwestern Computer Technologies
I always call Brad Sherry to discuss additional financing opportunities with our company. Your expertise in computer hardware and software leasing makes it easy to work with you guys.
Michael Okada
I have found CHARTER CAPITAL to be competitively priced, customer-oriented and very user friendly. You make the leasing process easy.
Frank Lange
Owner – Arizona Surveying and Mapping
I have had many conversations with Brad Sherry in the last three years or so, and have had the pleasure of working with him on our equipment leases. I have found Brad to be very knowledgeable, helpful, and diligent in his quest to quickly fund our equipment.
John Butz
President – Butz Company
Evergreen Fitness and Tennis Center, Inc. leases fitness-related equipment on a regular basis. Our leasing experience with CHARTER CAPITAL was excellent and we will contact them for our future leasing needs. Kris Stellflug handled our lease in a professional and timely fashion.
Sherman L. Wenger
President – Evergreen Fitness and Tennis Center
We explored numerous other companies and your company was the one that could do the job best suited to our needs. This was not an easy task, as the window was quite small. We owe you a big THANK YOU for all of your time and effort. We look forward to future partnerships with you.
Nancy Roth and Michael McColley
Mike’s Auto Body
We want to express our sincere appreciation to your firm for the efficient, prompt and personal service we received. Several of our transactions required an out-of-the-box approach that CHARTER CAPITAL provided. It has been a win-win-win for all parties.
Joan Modes
President – Gem Commercial Credit, Inc
My experience in working with Charter Capital has been nothing short of excellent. The customer service they provide and the trust I have in them makes all the difference compared with other equipment leasing companies. In particular, I enjoyed working with Carey Wilbur, who truly seems to have my best interest at heart. I cannot recommend Charter Capital highly enough.
Todd Brown
Partner – West Post Digital, Inc.
Rick and Carey Wilbur with Charter Capital helped tremendously with the leasing of our new fitness equipment. They were able to find a program that exactly suited our needs and made the transaction painless. They handled all of the details such as contacting the vendors to arrange payment, following up to make sure the equipment was delivered and checked in with us every step of the way. They are a great company to have a relationship with and I highly recommend them!
Lonnie Lester
Skyline Country Club
When I needed to lease a large amount of equipment, Charter was able to handle the transaction through multiple relationships. They made it so simple, all I needed to do was sign the paperwork and they took care of the rest!
John Allen
President – CyberTrails
Using Charter Capital for our long term financing needs was an easy process. All I was required to do was make the phone call to Charter and they coordinated with our vendors. They were always eager to find us the lowest rates available. Their service is fast and convenient.
Troy Burke
Quality Assurance Manager – Hutchinson Medical Inc.
Why does my company, located in New Jersey, do business with CHARTER CAPITAL? Because I trust them and good relationships are built on trust.
Norma Rubio
Fuji Express, Inc.
Every equipment lease we have ever done for our music production company has been with CHARTER CAPITAL. No question or concern of ours was seen as an annoyance or a waste of your time. I feel like I have a friend in the leasing business.
Jon Slott
Juniper Music
I was very pleased with your professionalism and willingness to expedite matters in a timely fashion. I also appreciate your keeping me informed each step of the way. I have dealt with other leasing companies in the past, but none were as easy to work with as CHARTER CAPITAL.
Jay Shinn
Sunrise Beverage, Inc.
I have dealt with a number of leasing companies in the past and I have to say CHARTER CAPITAL came out on top. You kept me in the picture during the whole project. Payments were made when promised with no problems. I look forward to doing more business with you.
John Ewen
Ewen Technology
Our company is relatively young, but growing strong at a rapid pace. Thanks to CHARTER CAPITAL, we can now target the industry much better. We are ready for our next equipment investment and will definitely have CHARTER CAPITAL handle the financial part of it.
Alexander Mozo
Partner and Assistant Producer – Alma Production Studio
Thank you for the fantastic service offered by CHARTER CAPITAL. Your service and persistence, as well as your proven efficiency, are second to none.
Grady Trimble
President – Trimble Productions, Inc.

Franchise Customer Testimonials

I would like to thank Charter Capital for all of the assistance with the purchase of seven new Subway franchises earlier this year. The amount I needed was well out of grasp of the other institutions that were recommended by Subway/NAASF. I received the utmost courtesy and professional service from beginning to end. When other institutions simply talked in circles and offered to loan me a portion of the necessary funds. I was very pleased to learn that you not only take care of individual franchise purchases but you could handle the purchase of multiple stores. After 20 years as a Subway franchisee and all the contacts I have made over the years it goes without saying that I would highly recommend Charter Capital to others and will contact you in the future should I find myself in a position to expand my corporation further.
Karl (Chip) A. Brunner, III
Subway Franchisee
I will also forward information about your company to my fellow franchise owners here in the Los Angeles area as well as to our regional office. Brad Sherry is a terrific person and I genuinely enjoy working with him! I’m glad we were able to work out a loan for our new store. It helped me out a great deal. As I told Brad, I was prepared to fund everything myself so to be able to keep some of my cash in a bank account is a nice cushion to have!
Steve Youlios
Jersey Mikes Subs Franchisee

Equipment Vendor Testimonials

The thing I like most about CHARTER CAPITAL is that you make my job easy. Instead of taking on responsibility for the leasing myself, I hand everything over to Richard and a week later, I have a purchase order. My customer is happy, and my job is easy.
Dave Anderson
My company has worked with Charter Capital before it was called Charter Capital. For a decade of working together, I have experienced a funding team that is always clear, open, and honest about the available options. Neither I nor my clients end up with hidden fees or unexpected charges. And Charter always provides prompt decisions and a transparent deal that is fair and reasonable.
Jeff Zupanc
President – Advanced Processes
CHARTER CAPITAL has been able to get deals done quickly. We recommend leasing through CHARTER CAPITAL. It has increased our ability to sell more computers and improved our customer’s satisfaction with our products and services.
Joe Prewitt
Southwestern Computer Technologies
I am writing to express our appreciation to CHARTER CAPITAL for the help you have given our clients for their lease financing. The Church of God in Boston, Massachusetts is a perfect example of the outstanding service you have provided for our firm. The transaction, though difficult, proved to be an outstanding success.
Bob Bakofen
President – HCL Associates
Leasing computer equipment is the backbone of our business. Richard at CHARTER CAPITAL has gone above and beyond the call of duty to deliver the best service and price possible.
Todd Graham
GNG IT Solutions, LLC
It has been a pleasure doing the last two deals with CHARTER CAPITAL. You have kept a close eye on the deals with my company, making it easy for us and best of all, making it easy for our customers. I have been so impressed with your response that I have referred several more of our clients to you.
Les Zellan

Lending Partner Testimonials

Charter Capital has been a customer of US Bank’s since 1999. Rick Wilbur and his team originate small to mid-ticket transactions for end users across the United States. Through the course of our relationship it has been evident that Charter Capital is a quality partner and a group of individuals with great character. They serve their customers well, pay attention to detail and have a track record of excellent performance. In life, you work with people you know, like and trust. And that’s exactly why we work with Rick and his team.
Jacob Fahl
Regional Sales Manager – US Bank Equipment Finance
I have known and worked with Rick Wilbur for over thirty years in the equipment leasing and finance industry. His knowledge, experience and focus on the customer’s needs are the hallmarks Charter Capital.
Paul Menzel
President & CEO – Financial Pacific Leasing
My team has worked with Charter Capital for over a decade funding transactions from $5,000-$250,000 for their clients. Charter’s staff is professional in its relationship with prospective clients and with our underwriters. We are comfortable that the client and has not been misled, knows the parties involved, and fully understands his obligations. In an unregulated industry, business owners need a source they can trust: they have it in Charter Capital.
Dwight Galloway, Sr.
VP – RLC Funding
I have been working with Rick Wilbur and Charter Capital for a number of years in several different capacities, but mostly as a lease funding source. What I admire most is their integrity and sound moral character. I am always confident that their lease credit presentations will be both complete and of the highest professional caliber. I consider it an honor to be able to share this testimonial.
James G. Bailey
President – CapEx Financial, LLC
We have worked with Charter Capital since 2005. Charter Capital has always maintained a high level of professionalism and integrity that is demonstrated in the way they present each financing application. If you are looking for a company that wants to build a relationship to help your company secure competitive financing, Charter Capital has the knowledge, personnel and ability to make it happen.
Paul Witte
CEO – First Bank Richmond
I have worked with Rick Wilbur for over 30 years, financing a range of transactions generated by his leasing operations. I have always been impressed by how much he knows about his customers and the way he presents them, often times on a preview basis, with both positives and negatives addressed so little time is wasted in the screening process. Portfolios of his transactions at the several financial institutions I have been involved with have performed well and, when the occasional issue has arisen, I have found Rick’s organization willing to jump in and help address it. I continue to work closely with him and always welcome the chances to discuss new financing opportunities.
Steve Tidland
It is refreshing to work with a company so focused on “customer success.” Being a national funding source we see so many originators focused on the transaction instead of being concerned with what the customer needs and wants. I am not surprised that you have been as successful as you have simply due to this fact. Manifest is very fortunate to work with such a business and greatly appreciates it
Michael Rausch
Manifest Funding Services
Charter Capital is a top notch broker organization. They not only take into account their customer needs, but also look out for their funding partners. The manner in which they do business is a paradigm for others to follow.
Raphael Lavin
CLP – Standard Professional Services, LLC