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Rental Business Equipment Financing

Providing the best services for clients looking for new or used rental equipment financing to grow their business

“It takes money to make money”

Actually, We believe it takes ACCESS to money, to make money and ACCESS is what we’ve been providing to our customers for over forty years.

While we do finance all sorts of businesses it seems most of our major customers are in the rental business and the rental business is a different bread of cat. Rental companies are faced with a number of unique challenges and among the most critical is the constant need to finance their changing inventory. It doesn’t matter if your business is renting construction equipment, field services equipment, communications equipment, home health care equipment, audio/video production, and editing equipment, or party tents and tables, you have to maintain an adequate inventory that looks good and works well. To accomplish that most rental companies need a financing resource. That’s what we do.

Charter Capital maintains a network of commercial lenders and banks that finance rental inventory. That network consists of 7 commercial finance companies and 10 commercial banks. 

  1. Do you have a large financing request but don’t want to provide financials? We can do that!
  2. Do you need a loan this month and another next month and another the month after that? We can do that too!
  3. Do you need a financing source that understands the unique accounting for rental businesses? We can do that!
  4. Do you want to buy something at auction? We can do that!
  5. Do you want to buy something from a Private Party Seller? We can do that.
  6. Do you want to buy some equipment from a company in China?  Maybe we can do that!

Why should you care? Because our network allows us to offer you:

  1. 90-day deferral
  2. Seasonal structures
  3. Vendor Payment before delivery
  4. Split up large requests
  5. Provide a steady and reliable channel to finance inventory over time. When one lender has reached its lending limit we can go to another lender
  6. Massive Application Only capability – No Tax Returns required

Rental equipment is easier to finance than you think. The common misconception is that you can only receive financing options for new equipment. This is not true if you know where to look. Our network is made up of commercial lenders whom we have been working with for over 20 years. We can provide you with various options to help grow your business. Get in touch today and we’d be happy to discuss all the ways we can assist you with rental equipment financing.

We can finance just about anything you can rent

Some of our customers

  • Are interested in the lowest rate.
  • Are interested in a specific tax treatment.
  • Want to avoid breaching existing lending covenants.
  • Are interested in the longest term.
  • Are interested in getting reimbursed for equipment they have already paid for.
  • Want seasonal or other cyclical structures.
  • Want to finance software.
  • Want to us to give the seller a deposit before the equipment is shipped.

All of our customers want a fair deal at a fair price and no surprises.

Connect with us and apply now