10 Tips To Become a More Informed Customer

10 Tips To Become a More Informed Customer


What is one way to become a more informed customer on a hard-to-understand topic?. 

To help customers learn about complex subjects, we asked marketing experts and business professionals this question for their best advice. From finding an expert to researching competitors, there are several tips that may help you become knowledgeable on a confusing topic. 


Here are ten tips to become a more informed customer: 

  • Remain Compassionate
  • Read Website’s Blog
  • Get in Contact
  • Find an Expert to Help
  • Verify Credibility of Source
  • Learn About the Whole Industry 
  • Browse Through Social Media
  • Study Customer Reviews
  • Watch Videos Online
  • Research The Competitors 


Remain Compassionate 

To become a more informed customer, especially when it comes to hard-to-understand topics, it’s worth keeping your compassion at the forefront–compassion for yourself and compassion for the topic. Allow yourself the space to not fully understand on the first or second try but don’t use that as an excuse to never put in the effort. Having empathy and compassion will build your motivation to continue to tackle difficult topics without feeling like you’re a failure. You’ll have already said to yourself ‘I may not get it right now, but I will get it eventually’ and that’s all that matters. You will get there eventually. 

Allan J. Switalski, AVANA Capital


Read the Website’s Blog

We always encourage questions when we meet with our clients. Our industry is highly technical and we work to help make the process accessible. We also understand that sometimes questions arise between meetings or before you even reach out to a company for their services. In these cases, refer to the company’s website for more detailed information. Many companies that deal with complex topics offer resources to more deeply explain aspects of their business and what sets them apart. In our case, we have a blog where we discuss topics such as common pipeline pigging terminology and gas pipeline leak detection. 

Blake Murphey, American Pipeline Solutions


Get in Contact

Whether you’re a makeup artist or a novice, it can be difficult to understand the differences when it comes to eyelash extensions, but we are here to help! We are dedicated to ensuring that our Lash Gang gets answers to their questions with our top-notch customer service and Lash Training classes. If you have questions about our products or classes, we are available to answer them in-depth via phone or email seven days a week, because we truly care about our lash artists’ success.

Vanessa Molica, The Lash Professional


Find an Expert to Help 

Finding the experts can definitely help you become a more informed customer. They’re knowledgeable and can help you, as a customer, get the correct information. Though, sometimes the experts might get caught up in their own jargon. That just leads to even more confusion. If at all possible, I definitely recommend customers to reach out to other people who have relevant knowledge that can help you in more simple terms. 

Vicky Franko, Insura


Verify Credibility of Source 

Becoming a more informed customer is quite the journey, and things like financing loans have been a bit mystified as of late. The most important thing is to figure out who to trust. Informed decisions are the direct result of you being 100% certain the information you’ve received from a source is credible and reliable. When you want financial help, reach out to people with a trusted name. You can look into their online presence and customer reviews too to help you determine how credible they are. The decision-making process is already tough as it is so finding the experts can help ease that process along. 

Sundip Patel, LendThrive


Learn About the Whole Industry 

Becoming a more informed customer is an ongoing process. To start, take some time to learn about the industry, not just the products or services being sold. This way, you’ll have a holistic perspective on what market influences are at play. Understanding how an industry operates and what recent advancements have taken place equips you with the background knowledge needed to make smart buying decisions. Additionally, having this knowledge allows you to better understand how the products and services can be utilized to benefit you or your business. 

Claire Routh, Markitors


Browse Through Social Media

We all know that the best customer is an educated customer, so that’s why it’s important to seek out information so that you can make well-informed decisions. The first thing to do when hoping to learn about a particular product or service is to head straight to their website, and on to their blog. A high-quality blog will include how-to guides and posts that explain the features of their products and how to best apply them to specific needs. Additionally, check their social media platforms, where you may find insightful visuals like videos or infographics.

Ryan Rottmon, OSDB Sports


Study Customer Reviews

We can all agree it’s a good idea to learn from industry experts via videos and written materials. But it’s equally important to read up on reviews from everyday customers. While peers may not be experts, the experience they have working with a company in a particular industry can be just as helpful and provide insights like red flags to look out for in a particular product or service, any regrets they have that other customers can avoid and even particularly helpful companies or customer service reps. 

Rebecca Graham, Best Company


Watch Videos Online  

One way to become a more informed customer on a hard-to-understand topic is to watch YouTube videos on the subject. YouTube isn’t just good for entertainment. There’s a lot of educational content on the site that can help you learn about new and exciting topics. 

Vincent Bradley, Proper Wild


Research The Competitors  

To become a more informed customer on hard-to-understand topics, one thing that you can do is competitor research. Research for the competitors of a particular thing, service, or product and then analyze the features and facilities offered by each one. By doing so, you can not only enhance your knowledge about hard-to-understand topics but also make informed decisions regarding purchase.

Jessica Robinson, The Speaking Polymath


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