Computer Equipment Financing for SMBs: Financing Tech and IT

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Computer Equipment Financing

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are the lifeblood of the American economy, accounting for more than 60% of all jobs in the country. And as any business owner knows, having the best computer and IT equipment is essential to keeping operations running smoothly and efficiently. So it’s no surprise that SMBs are increasingly looking to finance their technology purchases.

Charter Capital has been supporting business owners with their computer and IT equipment financing needs for more than 40 years. We have built a strong network of lending partners who understand the needs of emerging businesses and want nothing more than to see them succeed. 

If your company wants or needs to obtain computer equipment financing to scale, to rise above the competition, or to replace your existing units, Charter Capital has the solution. 

Some of the types of IT and computer equipment we can help you find financing for include:

  • Laptops and desktop computers
  • Servers and hosting systems
  • Phones and communication systems
  • Software
  • Monitors
  • Networking systems
  • EPOS systems
  • CAD/CAM systems
  • CCTV units
  • Photocopiers and printers
  • Scanners and other peripherals
  • Workstations and office furniture


These are just a few of the tech equipment financing needs that we have supported in the past. If the machines you need are not on this list, don’t fret. We will accommodate any type of equipment necessary to grow your operations. Contact the knowledgeable team at Charter Capital today to learn more about the different affordable financing options that are available to you. 

computer equipment financing

Some of our customers...

  • are interested in the lowest rate.
  • are interested in a specific tax treatment.
  • want to avoid breaching existing lending covenants.
  • are interested in the longest term.
  • are interested in getting reimbursed for equipment they have already paid for.
  • want seasonal or other cyclical structures.
  • want to finance software.
  • want us to give the seller a deposit before the equipment is shipped.
All of our customers want a fair deal at a fair price and no surprises.

Finding Financing for Your IT Equipment Needs

Technology is constantly evolving, and your business needs to stay on top of the latest trends to remain competitive. It’s not practical for many small business owners to update their computer equipment every few years. Financing can help you keep up with cutting edge technology, even if the money isn’t available right now. 

Small business owners face several challenges when it comes to obtaining capital. One of the most common is finding a lender who understands their specific needs. Many companies are either too new or too small for banks to take seriously. This can make it difficult to get a loan or line of credit.

For entrepreneurs looking to get off the ground, computer equipment financing can increase productivity, improve cash flow, and provide opportunities for expansion. Tech equipment financing can be beneficial at any stage of a business’ life as it allows them to invest in the latest technology for improvement and better service delivery. 

The following factors should be considered when looking for computer equipment financing:

1. Type of Lender

There are a variety of lenders who offer computer equipment financing. The most important factor to consider when selecting a lender is the interest rate, as it can have a significant impact on monthly payments and the overall cost of the loan. It is also important to choose a lender that has experience in computer equipment financing for SMBs.

2. Loan Amount

The size of the loan will be determined by the type and cost of the computer equipment. Lenders typically offer loans up to $250,000, but businesses should aim to finance no more than 70% of the purchase price of computer equipment. Charter Capital offers loans of up to $1,000,000

3. Terms and Conditions

Computer equipment financing comes with different terms and conditions which must be carefully considered and understood before signing any paperwork. Some of the most important factors to look out for include the interest rate, repayment schedule, late fees, and penalties. When you work with Charter Capital, you will be assigned a dedicated advisor who will determine the best available options that will help you succeed without hurting your bottom line. 

Financing computer equipment can be a great way for small businesses to increase efficiency and productivity. However, it can be difficult to obtain due to minimum credit score requirements and other associated challenges. By researching different lenders and meeting minimum credit score requirements, small business owners can improve their chances of being approved for computer equipment financing. 

Charter Capital’s mission is to find reliable and trustworthy partners that will see small businesses through to success and beyond. Our expert and experienced financial brokers will help you find the right lender that will be your growth partner for many years to come. 

Ready to scale your business? Get in touch with our team today to learn more about your options.

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