Equipment Needed To Make Youtube Videos

7 Pieces of Equipment Needed To Make Youtube Videos

What is one piece of equipment needed to make Youtube videos?

To help filmmakers and content creators with making the most stunning videos they can for their subscribers, we asked video experts this question for their best pieces of equipment. From stabilizers to the right lighting, there are several essential pieces of equipment that that content creators swear by for their YouTube videos.

Here are 7 pieces of equipment needed for Youtube Videos

  • Stabilizers
  • Tripod
  • Video Editing Tool
  • High Quality Camera 
  • Microphone
  • Lighting Equipment
  • Professional Set

7 Pieces of Equipment Needed To Make Youtube Videos



External stabilizers are vital pieces of equipment for YouTube content creators. Shaky video does not attract views or subscribers. Using tripods and gimbal stabilizers can keep your smartphone or camera level and immobile while shooting so that you can capture the smoothest video possible. Rather than choose only one product, I recommend investing in your primary stabilizer, and building a library of inexpensive alternate options. For instance, tripods of varying heights, and smartphone stands that can wrap around or hang from bases so that you can film in different environments.

Michael Alexis, TeamBuilding



Of course, an internet connection and a recording device are essential for creating YouTube videos. One less obvious bot non negotiable item is a tripod. There is nothing that turns viewers off more than a shaky video. A tripod is a necessary part of your arsenal for high-quality, professional videos.

Tyler Read, Personal Trainer Pioneer


Video Editing Tool

Everyone has a smartphone, and we can make a video quickly with that. But you will need a video editing tool to add a sound, crop, edit, etc. There are so many free tools available that we can use to make the video look more professional. Getting your hands on the right tool will make all the difference to your video. So for any beginner, you will need a camera or a smartphone and video editing tool to get started.

Sanket Shah, InVideo


High Quality Camera

It should go without saying, but a good camera is important for making YouTube videos. Having a camera that is high quality will ultimately help you grow your channel faster because your videos will be crisper and look more professional. There are a wide variety of cameras available for any budget, but spending a little extra up front to get a higher quality camera can be a good idea when you get started. You are better off investing in a good camera at the beginning rather than having to upgrade later down the road.

Brett Sohns, LifeGoal Investments



Surely the answer is obvious: a good quality microphone. Now some might argue that the camera or lighting equipment is more important, but they’d be wrong. YouTube is a creator space that allows for a wide range of content, and almost anything can succeed if it finds the right consumer.

The best videos on YouTube are those that are fun to watch, easy to understand, and deliver some kind of quality content. There have been creators that garnered millions of subs using only their voice and animations made on Microsoft Paint, and also creators with fantastic visuals that barely saw moderate success. YouTube is ultimately a place for individuals to broadcast themselves and the first piece of equipment necessary for that is a good microphone. Good audio that is fun, soothing, and easy to follow is absolutely essential for conveying your unique message to your audience.

Brandon Adcock, Nugenix



Lighting equipment proves to be extremely vital to a YouTube video that aims to offer a great viewing experience. With the right lighting to enhance picture quality, even a sub-standard camera can deliver videos with manageable quality standards. However, with insufficient or excessive lighting, even the best cameras in the business won’t do justice to the shoot. From softbox lights and umbrella lights to ring lights and LED on-camera lights, choose the ones that suit your requirements best to create a YouTube that truly lights up your channel.

Eva Taylor, WP Buffs


Professional Set

One thing I see new creators miss on YouTube is the lack of attention to detail regarding their set. The background, or set, of your video sets the entire mood and vibe. A professional set will elevate your video to appear much more put-together, which will reflect on you, and how the audience perceives you. If your set is professional and high-quality, the audience will naturally assume that you are professional and high-quality. Image is everything. You have absolute control over how professional your video appears, and maintaining a high-quality appearance will lead to the audience perceiving you as high-quality.

Chandler Sterling, What’s Good



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