Equipment Needed To Start a Clothing Line

5 Pieces of Equipment Needed To Start a Clothing Line

What is one piece of equipment needed to start a clothing line?

To help you start a clothing line, we asked small business owners and designers this question for their best recommendations. From investing in a direct-to-garment printer to buying a reliable computer, there are several suggestions that may help you start a clothing line.

Here are five pieces of equipment needed to start a clothing line:

  • Invest in a Direct to Garment Printer
  • Have the Necessary Resources on Deck 
  • Budget for Fabric
  • Purchase a Weaving Machine
  • Buy a Reliable Computer 


Invest in a Direct to Garment Printer

One thing that can definitely set you apart, when looking to start a clothing line is to get yourself a direct-to-garment printer. This machine is fantastic in that you can easily print multiple different designs. Furthermore, you can use this machine for a single clothing item or a batch of 20, 30, 100, or even more. It is also very environmentally friendly using only the required amount of ink hence removing any wastage. It also requires very little in terms of the overall setup.

Mogale Modisane,


Have the Necessary Resources on Deck

When starting a wholesale clothing line, you need to ensure you have the physical resources available to you to keep your business alive. Whether that’s an outsourced clothing factory or an in-house sewing team, having the resources on deck before you start out is imperative. Clothing boutiques go dark when they can’t meet the demands because customers get impatient and find a new supplier. A successful clothing line will be able to provide for the demand without a waitlist or backorder.

Eric Elggren, Andar


Budget for Fabric

You need to know what kind of fabrics you want to create your clothes. It is not just about the visuals; the feel and texture of the clothes are very important, as well. Make sure that you are able to afford the kind of fabrics you desire to get your clothing line started.

Drew Sherman, RPM


Purchase a Weaving Machine 

One critical piece of equipment any clothing line needs is a weaving machine. While all textile machines are vital, the weaving machine is coveted most for its ability to interlace two sets of yarn together. Some weaving machines are also capable of threading at right angles, making them crucial for correct measurements. Even for smaller, less industrial clothing manufacturers, a weaving machine gives its owners a competitive edge in style.

Loic Claveau, Prometeus Labs


Buy a Reliable Computer

The first and most essential piece of equipment you’ll need to start a clothing line is a computer. I haven’t had any formal fashion or business training – but I did have a high-speed WiFi connection. Your computer is essentially the hub of your business. It’s where you’ll learn, source materials and suppliers, find buyers, display your designs, communicate with customers, accept payment, and more. A computer and an internet connection are all you need to build a flourishing clothing business.

Breanne Millette, BISOULOVELY



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