12 Social Media Ideas for Construction Companies

From sharing construction tips to humanizing your company with team highlight posts, here are 12 answers to the question, “What are the best social media ideas for construction companies?”


  • Share Construction Tips
  • Use Pinterest To Gather Inspiration for Clients
  • Do Pro Bono Public Works Builds Around Your Area
  • Repurpose Your Site Content for Social Media
  • Take Plenty of Before and After Photos
  • Post a DIY Construction Fail Compilation 
  • Build Trust and Authority by Posting Case Studies 
  • Invest in Good Photography and Video
  • Create a Time-lapse Video of a Project
  • Post Engaging Customer Testimonial Videos
  • Avoid Posting the Construction Process Videos & Photos
  • Humanize Your Company by Showcasing Team Highlights 


Share Construction Tips

Construction companies can benefit from sharing construction tips through social media, as this type of content demonstrates expertise and encourages engagement among DIY followers and potential clients. By increasing the visibility of the company’s know-how, the business may open up avenues to gain attention, trust, and increase basic knowledge among those interested. Ultimately, implementing a strategy that incorporates sharing pertinent construction tips can broaden a company’s reach while building trust with its audience.

Michael Sena, Founder and CEO, SENACEA


Use Pinterest To Gather Inspiration for Clients

It’s a bit out of the box, but due to its heavy user base of homeowners and renovators, construction companies could use Pinterest to showcase their portfolio of completed projects and also gather inspiration for potential clients.

Here’s how:

  • Create boards for different project types (e.g. kitchen remodels, new construction, etc.) and “pin” high-quality images of their work
  • Pin images of design elements and materials they use to give clients an idea of their style and capabilities
  • Pins could include links to the company website for more information, and they could use Pinterest’s promoted pins (paid ads) to target specific audiences
  • Collaborate with other industry professionals such as architects and designers on the platform to expand their reach and credibility.

Given that there aren’t likely many competitors using Pinterest this way in the industry, it could be a surprisingly fruitful place for construction companies to try their luck.

Vincent Orleck, President, SMC Phoenix


Do Pro Bono Public Works Builds Around Your Area

There are a few building companies near where I live that have extremely active social media presences, making them something of local celebrities – they take time to build treehouses for kids, birdhouses in the park, set up benches, etc. as a service to the community that they then post on social.

Sure, it costs them some man-hours and materials, but the amount of goodwill sent their way is, quite frankly, unheard of in an industry where people tend to have a negative opinion of most players. Contracting them to build something feels like you’re doing a good deed, not just paying for construction, because we know we’re keeping them in business.

Kate Kandefer, CEO, SEOwind


Repurpose Your Site Content for Social Media

Coming from the logistics industry, I would recommend that construction companies look to repurpose their site content for social media purposes. Much of the content produced is likely to be B2C, so if a piece of content is particularly insightful and can lend itself to a visual format, then it provides the perfect opportunity to repurpose it to a wider, relevant audience via social media. You can even use your blog content as a script as a means of repurposing it (you don’t just have to copy excerpts via a visual medium).

Wendy Makinson, HR Manager, Joloda Hydraroll


Take Plenty of Before and After Photos

Make sure to take plenty of before-and-after photos from your ongoing projects. Share these on social media sites to showcase your work and get the word out about your construction business. Don’t forget to use hashtags and captions that will help make your post easily searchable for potential customers. You can also create a portfolio of your best projects, which you can share with followers or prospective clients. This will serve as a great way to show off your skills and gain additional business.

Asker Ahmed, Director and Founder, iProcess


Post a DIY Construction Fail Compilation 

Compilation videos are a huge hit on social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. They receive a lot of engagement and audience retention is higher. A construction company would be smart to put together a fail compilation video of light-hearted construction fails. Social media is all about fun, and there are plenty of videos out there of construction workers nailing their boots to the floor, falling over with expensive equipment, or breaking something of value.

A 30-second video featuring funny fails in construction with the message being “Trust the Experts” gets the point across that the company has plenty of expertise and won’t make those types of mistakes during construction while creating a memorable ad that may be shared with others. It’s a bit outside the box but companies need to be today in order to keep attention spans on social media.

Seth Newman, Director, SportingSmiles


Build Trust and Authority by Posting Case Studies 

One strategy for a construction company to engage potential customers on social media would be to share case studies of projects they have tackled successfully. This will help build trust and expertise, encouraging potential customers with similar projects to get in touch. Nobody likes to just see product-focused sales content from companies on social media constantly. This can be promoted to the company’s target audience, which can be gleaned from past customer data. For customers that click through, optimized case study pages will help visitors to move down the sales funnel.

Allan Noble ACIM, SEO Manager, Tikkurila UK


Invest in Good Photography and Video

The number one thing any construction company should invest in for their social media is professional photography and video. Ninety-nine percent of the time, potential clients are only interested in how good your work looks. They don’t really care about qualifications or industry associations; on Instagram and Facebook, they are obsessed with how great and of high quality your work appears. Having video testimonials from previous customers confirming that will really drive the message home. Taking photos and video with your smartphone is a complete waste of time, and investing in good lights and a great camera (or bringing on somebody professional) is 100% the way forward.

Shane McEvoy, MD, Flycast Media


Create a Time-lapse Video of a Project

On social media, people love watching time-lapse videos that allow them to witness the entire cycle of creation, from the first step to the last. So, one way to gather attention and even keep your audience riveted is to post time-lapse videos of your projects. These videos can cover different projects from different angles and present interesting footage of your construction efforts and expertise. Even to the general audience, these videos prove to be quite interesting, resulting in a bump in visitor numbers. As for your potential audience, they will now have a chance to witness your firm’s competence and professional proficiency and even peek into details that help in convincing them of your expertise.

Neil Platt, Director, Emerald Home Improvements


Post Engaging Customer Testimonial Videos

Post brief but engaging customer testimonial videos. No matter what industry you’re in, hearing real feedback “straight from the horse’s mouth” – aka real customers – will always pack a big punch when it comes to winning more business. When prospects hear people raving about your brand online, they’ll feel an automatic sense of trust. Testimonial videos are a great way for construction companies to leverage social media for gaining new customers.

Annie Ricci, Senior Manager of Digital Marketing, Prima


Avoid Posting the Construction Process Videos & Photos

Your clients may not understand the technical aspects; posting photos and videos of the construction process can potentially lead to miscommunication and misunderstanding.

Rather than posting photos and videos of the construction process, it’s a good idea to post photos and videos of completed projects, as it gives potential clients confidence and trust in your ability to deliver projects. While posting photos and videos, it’s a good idea to highlight unique features, the project’s location, and quality. If possible, take pictures when you hand over the project for social media posts. 

Bhuvan Poudel, Founder, AdTuna


Humanize Your Company by Showcasing Team Highlights 

Sharing project updates and behind-the-scenes content on social media can humanize your construction company and showcase your work. Use platforms like Instagram to post photos and videos of ongoing projects, completed work, and team member highlights. This gives prospective clients a look into your processes, experience, and attention to detail. Utilize hashtags to increase visibility and reach a wider audience in the construction industry. Showcasing your work on social media can also lead to new project opportunities and positive word-of-mouth referrals.

Megan Killion, Chief Consultant, Megan Killion Consulting (MKC) Agency