12 LinkedIn Tips and Tricks for Construction Companies

From building a strong online presence to helping prospects understand the work you do, here are 12 answers to the question, “What are helpful LinkedIn tips and tricks for construction companies?”


  • Make a Company Page for Potential Customers
  • Write More About Yourself and Your Company
  • Focus on Problems
  • Bring Higher Engagement With Team and Project Photos
  • Use a Unique Company Hashtag 
  • Optimize Your Profile With Keywords
  • Do Pro Bono Work in the Community
  • Leverage the Power of Your Employees
  • Include an Engaging Profile Headline
  • Create Helpful Video Content
  • Join Groups Related to the Construction Industry
  • Bring the Work of Your Company to Life


Make a Company Page for Potential Customers

This will help you grow your presence and make it easier for potential customers to find you, as well as help you engage with your current customers and also reach new audiences. 

Using LinkedIn to its full potential will help construction companies to build a strong online presence, engage with customers, and track their success. Leveraging this powerful platform is one of the best tips/tricks to help construction companies succeed online.

Aviad Faruz, CEO, FARUZO


Write More About Yourself and Your Company

Construction is a business that relies on trust. You’re never going to want to work with a construction company whose ownership you don’t think you can trust not to rip you off, make a mess of the job, or just otherwise be a pain to work with. 

This makes writing a great deal more content about your company, your employees, your values, and what you stand for an important step in crafting an effective LinkedIn.

Dragos Badea, CEO, Yarooms


Focus on Problems

Focus on problems. This sounds wrong at first glance. Change your perspective. Your potential customers don’t hire a construction company because it’s fun; they do so because they want to overcome a specific problem or challenge. 

Further, most of your potential customers have no clue about the construction business, so they need help to understand how to solve a problem. They’re not interested in details and technical terms; they want a trustworthy solution to their problems. The last step to winning new customers is to build trust. 

The value of construction happens during building; your customers can only touch or see your service after it’s done. They need to trust you. You can showcase your competence by explaining everything about the problem and how you tackle it. You should also outline everything that can go wrong and how you solve every potential problem. This builds trust with customers, so focus on problems, solve them, and build trust.

Stephan Wenger, Founder and Editor, B2B Marketing World


Bring Higher Engagement With Team and Project Photos

Scrolling stops when dynamic construction images and photos of smiling team members enter social media feeds. Maybe it’s to give kudos. Perhaps it’s to evaluate a new idea. It could simply be curiosity! 

We witness this on both personal and business levels, in all industries. However, smart construction marketers harness those views, using them to enhance engagement and encourage followers. 

Hands-on and visual, images showing the people and process define the moment and capture the viewer as each becomes invested in your team’s story.

Jen Miller, Senior Marketing Manager, Rheia HVAC


Use a Unique Hashtag for the Company

One helpful LinkedIn tip/trick for construction companies is to create a unique hashtag that they can use on their posts and updates. 

This allows readers to find all the company’s content quickly and easily by searching for the hashtag. It serves both internally and externally as a mark of branding. For an uncommon example, try using emoji symbols in their hashtags. 

Most people are familiar with hashtags, but far fewer associate them with emojis, making it easier for their content to stand out from the rest. Allowing this creative freedom will help build brand recognition for any construction company and make their profile more attractive for potential clients or staff alike.

Michael Alexis, CEO, tiny campfire


Optimize Your Profile With Keywords

LinkedIn is home to 900 million members, so how do you stand out? Just like Google, search engine optimization (SEO) is key. 

Selecting 2-3 keywords that your clients are searching for will help you appear in LinkedIn searches for construction companies. First, start with your Professional Headline—you have 220 characters of prime real estate to add to your keywords! 

Next, you can weave your keywords into your About, Experience, and Skills & Endorsements sections. The impact is almost instantaneous!

Chelsea Evans, Owner, Scott Social


Do and Post Some Pro-Bono Work in the Community

Construction companies can have one of two relationships with their local area—positive or negative. People have skewed perceptions negatively towards negative companies, even if they may not actually look for ways to take advantage of people. People are more forgiving of positive companies because public perception of them is too ingrained to be changed. 

LinkedIn is a great platform for helping to create a positive viewpoint, as a place to post about pro-Bono work you’re doing in the community, especially if you partner with other businesses and use their presence to help amplify your agenda.

Kate Kandefer, CEO, SEOwind


Leverage the Power of Your Employees

Employee advocacy is one of the most effective ways to promote your construction company on LinkedIn. By leveraging the power of your employees’ networks, you can quickly and easily reach a larger audience and grow your brand presence. 

Besides, people trust people more than brands! Show the human side of your business by encouraging employee-generated content.

Emily Neal, SEO and Content Specialist, DSMN8


Include an Engaging Profile Headline

Something that construction companies can do to attract new leads on LinkedIn is to make sure employees have an engaging headline in their profile that clearly states what the company does and their area of specialty. 

The feed shows the headline anytime someone makes a post or comment, so it can often get a lot of views. Instead of having just a job title under your name, try to craft an attractive tagline such as “Helping homeowners build the vacation home of their dreams” or “Specializing in low-cost backup power installations.”

Text like that will attract prospects to click through to a person’s profile, where they can learn more about what your construction business does if they’re interested. 

Ryan Turner, Founder, Ecommerce Intelligence


Create Helpful Video Content

Construction, regardless of the type, is a highly visual activity, and LinkedIn loves video content. Here are examples of what you could post:

  • Construction nightmares: Make a 20-60 second video of construction accidents, construction mistakes, and construction disasters. Quickly show what was done wrong and how it could have been prevented.  
  • Tutorials: Show how to do something right and why it matters. Again, make it quick, 20-60 seconds. Make it simple and shoot it on your phone. No need for fancy editing or production. 
  • Finished work: If you’re a home builder, show off a home you’re proud of. If you build buildings, show the building. 

Show whatever it is you do and show details to help people appreciate your craftsmanship. Tell people why you do things the way you do them. “We use XYZ steel in this part because.” Make your videos short, simple, and interesting, and you’ll see your LinkedIn engagement skyrocket!

Josh Steimle, Founder, MWI


Join Groups Related to the Construction Industry

Joining these groups can help connect you with potential customers, industry partners, and other professionals in the field. 

It allows your company to stay up-to-date on the latest news and trends in the industry.

Amy Lee, Medical Advisor, Nucific


Bring the Work of Your Company to Life

LinkedIn offers a choice of formats for your post that will work wonders to showcase your expertise and help prospects to learn more about the work you do. 

Document posts (aka carousels) are a really effective way to share case studies of projects your business has worked on. Document posts are effectively a slideshow presentation that gets uploaded to LinkedIn as a PDF that users can swipe through. You can create these in PowerPoint or in a design software program, such as Canva. 

The LinkedIn algorithm loves them—the 2022 LinkedIn Algorithm Report by LinkedIn guru, Richard van der Blom, found that document posts get 250% more reach than a standard text with a single image post. When creating a carousel, make the document easy to read, keep the content concise, and use color and/or visuals that will help your content stand out in the newsfeed.

Aoife Noone, Social Media Consultant and Trainer, Babushka Social