Top 10 Equipment Financing & Leasing Companies in Portland, Oregon

Evaluating the top 10 equipment financing and leasing companies in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, reveals the best option for you—and you need the best. You need a financing and leasing provider who is trustworthy and reputable, someone who looks at your specific situation and delivers the assistance you need to make your business soar.

We understand how important your goals are, so we put together this list to help you in the decision-making process. Start at the top of this list and work your way down. Whether you’re looking for a small business equipment loan or a loan of a larger scale, we’re confident you’ll find the right company. It’s just a matter of making the call.



Since 1977, Charter Capital has delivered a more innovative approach to equipment financing in Portland, Oregon. How does equipment financing work? Charter Capital can help simplify the process and lay out the best options for you. The firm customizes its equipment financing structures to match your unique business needs. It doesn’t discriminate based on industry or company size. In fact, it has been providing equipment loans and financing assistance to Portlanders long enough to work with any type of business.

Charter Capital analyzes your credit—and sometimes your financial condition—to best advise you on available financing options for your equipment. Its high-quality customer service leaves clients happy, educated, and satisfied. Feel free to give them a call to inquire about their loan offerings in Portland.


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1st Independent Leasing has helped businesses grow since 1990 by providing quick, simple, and competitive commercial equipment leasing and financing solutions in Portland, Oregon. They also help equipment dealers and vendors grow by being a partner and assisting with sales. The company offers 100% financing for the sale of equipment and can include installation costs, shipping costs, and even software.

1st Independent Leasing offers equipment financing programs for most credit types and has competitive bank rates for those with excellent credit. They also have a start-up loan program for new Portland businesses and an agricultural equipment financing program for farmers and ranchers, offering quarterly, annual, and semi-annual loan payment plans. In addition, 1st Independent can also provide financing and equipment loan assistance for brand new and used machines to non-profit organizations and churches.


13800 SW Cedar Hills Blvd Ste 165 Beaverton, OR 97005



Bank of America offers a wide range of financing and leasing solutions to help you conserve capital and support your business objectives. Their construction industry specialists can work with you to choose and customize the financing options that fit your business. Also, you have access to specialized business loans in Portland that offer balloon or seasonal payments.

You can avail of financial services designed specifically for your business. They offer solutions for construction contractors, equipment distributors, rental companies, and construction equipment manufacturers. If you’re looking to finance your small business or need a larger-scale industrial and commercial equipment leasing in Portland, you’re in good hands. To qualify, you have to have been in business for a minimum of 2 years and have a minimum of $250,000 in annual revenue.


121 SW Morrison St Portland, OR 97204



Taycor offers both leasing and financing programs that allow you to purchase the business equipment you need today while affordably spreading your payments over time. Get approved within hours, with minimal information, and with no commitment from a reputable licensed lender. You will have the opportunity to choose the term, structure, and payment deferral options that fit your needs. Not only are there no penalties, but there is also a benefit and cost savings to you when paying your loan off early.

Its main offices are in Los Angeles and Boston, but they are a nationwide company, so give them a call today!




Wells Fargo offers a wide range of solutions for business loans in Portland to help you conserve capital and support your business objectives. Their industry specialists can work with you to choose and customize the financing options that fit your requirements. In addition, you also gain access to specialized loan programs that provide balloon or seasonal payments.

Wells Fargo’s business equipment leasing and financing services cover a wide gamut of industries, including constructions, technology, transportation, and retail. If you are looking for freight equipment, restaurant equipment, or even aircraft equipment leasing options in Portland, securing the loan you require for your business to grow is easy.


1300 SW 5th Ave 2nd FL Portland, Oregon 97201



Trident has helped finance the equipment needs for many businesses in Portland and the rest of Oregon. With its wide range of equipment leasing, equipment loan, and equipment financing plans, it has more to offer than alternative funding sources. The company assists startups and experienced businesses with new and used equipment lease-financing options. Under its business loans for Portlanders, lease payments are tax-deductible, enabling borrowers to benefit more. It also finances so-called “soft expenses” like installation fees and sales taxes.

As per its website, Trident typically takes less than 24 hours to approve equipment loan applications, and requests worth up to $200,000 might even get approved in just 2 hours. Trident offers 24 to 60-month loan terms for all equipment types, including restaurants, trailers, healthcare, technology firms, and trucking businesses. The company is headquartered in California, but Portland customers may get in touch by phone or online.

3076 Union Ave San Jose, CA 95124

trident leasing
umpqua bank oregon



Umpqua Bank offers equipment financing and leasing for different businesses from $5,000 to $15 million via its subsidiary Financial Pacific. In addition, the bank provides vendor financing, helping manufacturers, distributors, dealers, and resellers at every stage of growth through its flexible payment options. It also offers in-house titling for vehicles and does not charge renewal fees or interim rents.


Finding equipment leasing assistance is easy because it has several offices across Portland.



TEC Equipment is an equipment leasing and rental company that specializes in Mack and Volvo trucks. Its full-service leasing solutions are designed according to your business model. They include customized vehicle specifications and identification, access to the latest technology (in-truck telematics), and 24/7 mobile servicing and roadside assistance. It also offers replacement vehicles and rental discounts, licensing, permitting, and fuel tax reporting. TEC Equipment leases out trailers, box trucks, heavy-duty trucks, yard tractors, and more.

9414 NE Vancouver Way, Portland, Oregon 97211

tec equipment
emerald valley financial services



Emerald Valley offers several types of equipment loans for businesses in Portland. One can loan up to $150,000 for small-ticket equipment with no financial documents required, while mid- to large-ticket item loans can go as high as $500,000 with documentation. It takes only 24 hours for small-ticket loans to be approved, while larger items would take 3 to 5 business days, with terms going for up to 84 months.

Equipment leasing packages come with low-interest monthly payments, tax benefits, and options to trade-in, upgrade, or purchase. Those with imperfect credit (B, C, or D credit ratings) can also avail of its special equipment financing programs.


255 River Ave. #41297, Eugene, OR 97404



Equipment leasing with Apple Capital frees Portland business owners from having to make significant cash outlays for equipment. In addition to having customizable equipment financing programs tailored to your needs, the company offers tax benefits. You can also upgrade your machines when your lease term expires, so you don’t have to continue working with outdated equipment.

The types of equipment lease that Apple Capital offers include fair market value, $1 buy-out, 10% purchase upon termination, and purchase or renewal options. At the end of each lease, you have the opportunity to turn the equipment in and lease a new one, extend your contract, or purchase the machine from Apple Capital. Apple Capital is headquartered in Texas, but it operates nationwide. You may call, email, or fill out its online form to get in touch.

apple capital group oregon

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