Top 5 Equipment Financing & Leasing Companies South Carolina

Evaluating the top 5 equipment financing and leasing companies in South Carolina reveals the best option for you. And you need the best. You need someone trustworthy and reputable. Someone who looks at your specific situation, and wants to provide the help you need. We understand how important that is, and have put together this list to help you in the decision-making process. Start at the top of this list and work your way down. We’re confident you’ll find the right company. It’s just a matter of making the call.



Since 1977, Charter Capital has delivered a smarter approach to equipment financing in South Carolina. We customize our equipment financing structures to match your unique business needs. We don’t discriminate based on industry or company size. We’ve been in the business long enough to be able to work with any type of business.

We analyze your credit — and sometimes your financial condition — to best advise you on available financing options. Our high-quality customer service leaves customers happy, educated and satisfied. We hope you consider calling us when you need assistance.


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Pioneer Credit is a much smaller company, but they are designed to work in South Carolina. Someone who wants to use the Pioneer Credit team could get a much lower price than they thought was possible before, and they also need to be certain that they have gotten to know the people that work in the office. Someone who needs equipment help might start here because they are a little bit more regional and local.




National Finance is a loan company that helps people with all their lending needs. They could take out a loan for the gear that they are getting, and they might come here to get a loan approved as quickly as possible. You could use this particular company because you want to get a simple loan with a flat rate. They make this process much quicker because they know that you need to get back to your business and your equipment. National Finance will move faster than most, and they will make the process as uncomplicated as it can be.


1030 Edwards St, Rock Hill, SC 29732



Arbor One Farm Credit is the place that you go when you want to get the best possible financing for the equipment you need. They know these pieces of equipment that you need to buy, and they often know how to help you find the right piece of equipment to buy. They can match up your loan to what you need, and you will save much more money because you are using their program. The program is much stronger than most, and it was designed for people who work in the farming industry.


800 Woody Jones Blvd, Florence, SC 29501




Wells Fargo is a national bank corporation that works with many people who need equipment. You could go to the branch in your community, and that branch will help you sign up for the loan you need. You might choose a loan that pays for one piece of equipment. You might ask them to give you a business account, and you must ask them if they can give you a special loan that was designed for you. You might prefer to use the bank because you know them well, and you will save money on your loans because they have the ability to cut your costs.


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