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  • Rick Wilbur
    Founder & Managing Partner

    Rick Wilbur is a co-founder of Charter Capital. He began his career in the commercial finance business in 1966 while attending Pace University in New York City.

    In 1973 Rick partnered with Investors Mortgage Service Company to form and manage First City Leasing Associates, a self-funded lessor.

    In 1977 Rick and two partners formed Charter Equipment Leasing Corp, a general lessor. In 1988 the assets of that company were sold to a publicly traded commercial finance company and Rick was retained as CEO.

    In 1995 Rick founded Media Capital Associates with his son, Carey and in 2004 he reacquired the assets of Charter Equipment Leasing Corp.

    • Rick was awarded the Milton P. Kumpfer Award by the National Commercial Finance Foundation.

    • Rick was Chairperson of the 2002 California Regional Conference for the National Association of Equipment Brokers.

    • Rick was appointed the first Chairperson for the Lessors Special Interest Group for the United Association of Equipment leasing.

    • Rick served on the Board of Directors of the United Association of Equipment lease Brokers and the United Association of Equipment Leasing.

    • Rick is a volunteer Mentor for the United Association of Equipment Leasing Brokers

    Rick currently oversees the credit operations and lender relations for Charter Capital.

    Rick and his wife of over forty years live in Paradise Valley where he enjoys golf, reading and playing with his three (soon to be four) grandchildren and his five grand dogs.

  • Carey Wilbur
    Founder & Partner

    Carey Wilbur is a co-founder of Charter Capital. He grew up in Tarzana, CA and graduated San Diego State University in 1995 when he moved to Scottsdale, AZ to begin Charter Capital. His initial focus was on originating sales.

    In 1998 Carey took over management of IT functions.

    In 2005 Carey took over cash management.

    In 2006 Carey took over sales management.

    In 2009 Carey became the general manager and took responsibility for day to day operations.

    In 2013 Carey introduced the concept of automated marketing and internet presence.

    Carey is married to Jen Thorpe, a native Arizonian. They have two wonderful daughters, Macie and Hudson. Both are spirited little firecrackers and keep family life fast and furious. Carey also has two Labrador Retrievers so he has something to do when the kids are asleep. Carey enjoys hiking, biking, snow-boarding and soccer.

  • Chelsea Wilbur
    Operations Manager

    Chelsea Wilbur grew up in Tarzana, CA. She attended San Diego State University and graduated from Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.

    In 1999 Chelsea moved to Arizona and joined Charter Capital as a credit analyst.

    In 2001 Chelsea became Credit Manager and oversaw all credit operations.

    In 2004 Chelsea accepted shared responsibilities of lender relations.

    In 2007 Chelsea took over full management of all documentation and funding operations.

    In 2010 Chelsea gave birth to Jacob, a very bright and active little boy. Today Chelsea spends most of her time chasing after Jacob or discovering the best and most natural foods to eat and products to use. Chelsea and Jacob and Daddy Joel are fans of the Dave Mathews Band and plan their family trips to coincide with the band’s performances. Chelsea is also the proud owner of a Labrador, an Australian Shepard and a very energetic Anubis.

    Chelsea and Joel are expecting a new addition in September 2016.

  • Brad Sherry
    Business Development

    Brad Sherry grew up in New York and graduated from Northeastern University in 1974 with a degree in Business Administration.
    Brad began his career in the commercial finance industry in 1974 as a credit investigator and analyst at First City Leasing Associates, a company that was managed by Rick Wilbur.In 1977 Brad became one of the founders of Charter Equipment Leasing Corp. d/b/a Charter Capital and continued there until 1996 when that company was sold.In 2002 Brad joined Charter Capital again as a relationship manager. In 1984 Brad married Sarah and was blessed with 2 daughters, Heather & Allison.

    Brad is an incurable sports junkie and still an avid Yankee, NY Giants and Lakers fan. Brad also confused himself with an athlete years ago and continues to play full-court basketball and refs various levels of organized soccer.