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Charter Capital is a family owned and operated commercial finance broker. Since 1977 we have been providing businesses just like yours with equipment and technology leases and loans that are right for their specific financing needs. Nothing we do is standard.

Our principal products are equipment and technology leases and loans from about $10,000 to about $1,000,000. We are friendly and smart and professional (not corporate) and we communicate clearly and completely even when the message isn’t what you want to hear but it is what you need to hear.

We are a small business and we believe that our continued success depends upon you being satisfied with what we do. We are far more interested in building a relationship with you and becoming a resource than just doing a deal. If you’re in Arizona, check out the top 5 equipment financing companies in Phoenix and how we compare.


  • We analyze your credit and sometimes your financial condition.
  • We advise you which financing options may be available to you based on our analysis.
  • We place commercial leases and loans for you that are intelligently structured and competitively priced.
  • We represent you to the commercial finance industry.

Since 1977 we have built a broad network of commercial lenders consisting of commercial banks, commercial finance companies, independent community banks and investment groups. This network offers a wide range of financial products and allows us to offer financing to small businesses with excellent credit as well as those businesses and business owners that have hit a bump in the road.

We are constantly refining the makeup of our network and today it is composed of;

  • Formal contractual and direct relationships with nine commercial banks and fifteen commercial finance companies.
  • Indirect relationships with two major commercial finance companies.
  • Through our partnership interest in One World Business Finance (the only US commercial finance cooperative) we also have relationships with two major banks, five commercial finance companies and 4,700 independent community banks.

We provide equipment and technology leases and loans from about $25k to about $1,000,000.

Application Only

Equipment leases and loans from about $25,000 to about $150,000 – NO FINANCIAL INFORMATION REQUIRED

Minimal Disclosure

Equipment leases and loans from about $25,000 to about $500,000 – MINIMAL FINANCIAL INFORMATION REQUIRED

Full Disclosure

Equipment leases and loans from about $25,000 to about $1,000,000 – FULL FINANCIAL INFORMATION REQUIRED


  • Project Financing
  • Working Capital Loans – both traditional and daily payment
  • Accounts Receivable Financing
  • Operating Lines
  • Purchase Order Financing
  • Commercial Real Estate Loans

We charge a Success Fee when making a referral but our fee is only due when you accept the terms and actually complete a transaction with our referral.


  • $250k and under $3,750
  • $250k to $500k $7,500
  • $500k to $750k $10,500
  • Over $750k $15,000

Remember you only incur this cost when you complete your lease or loan.

At Charter, getting it done right is more important than getting it done!