Top 5 Equipment Financing & Leasing Companies New York

When starting a new business, rarely does a person have enough cash lying around to purchase the equipment this business needs in order to develop. So, you’re trying to narrow down the equipment financing and leasing companies in New York… Where do you start?

Let’s say you’re opening a pizza shop. You rent a place, you put in the furniture and hire the people, but you’re still missing something. What you’re missing is a baking oven. But what if you’ve used most of your money on fancy couches for the clients and don’t have enough for an oven? That’s when you’d want to contact an equipment financing and leasing company. They lend you the money or rent you the equipment so you can begin serving clients.

In today’s post, we’ll review the best five equipment financing and leasing companies in New York. By the end, you’ll have several options to fulfill your company’s needs.



Since 1977, Charter Capital has delivered a smarter approach to equipment financing in New York. We can customize our equipment financing structures to match your unique business needs. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a small or medium sizes business or what industry you’re in. We’ve been in the business long enough to be able to work with any industry.

We analyze your credit and sometimes your financial condition and advise you which financing options may be available to you based on our analysis. We offer the highest quality service for all of our customers, as we aid them in the process of equipment financing & leasing. We have a wide range of solutions for businesses in New York that are looking for financing assistance.


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Tiger Leasing is an equipment leasing company that takes pride in its quick approval process and its financial solutions. Growing companies can lease anything from five thousand to five million dollars to cover the cost of their equipment. “Business is a jungle. Finding the right financing doesn’t have to be.”


33 W 19th St #4, New York, NY 10011



“GSG Financial’s fully customizable process caters to the distinct needs of our partners, delivering fast and efficient results.” Their motto is “sell more – faster”. Their founding principle is establishing personal connections with their clients.


53 W 36th St Suite 701, New York, NY 10018



“Whether your business has just started, or is well established, we have a financing solution for you.” They provide many different types of financing to small and medium-sized companies. “Whether you need to get new equipment, finance your accounts receivable and inventory, raise working capital, or acquire a company, Global can do it all.”


1 State Street, 21st New York, NY 10004




The holding company of Eastern Funding LLC is Brookline bank. However, they still require less paperwork than a bank usually would and are faster at making a decision to finance a business. When it comes to the equipment, the decision which brand to use is up to the client. The repayment period can be within one to ten years.


 213 W 35th St, New York, NY 10001

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