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Construction Equipment Financing

Providing the best advice and solutions for small and medium-sized businesses looking for new or used construction equipment financing.

Construction Equipment Financing

Charter Capital has been in the business of equipment financing for over 40 years. During that time, we’ve worked with thousands of clients who have needed construction equipment financing.

If your company wants or needs to acquire construction equipment in order to grow, to remain competitive or to replace a piece of equipment that no longer does the job, then you are the bullseye in our target

Here are a few areas and types of equipment with which we can help you find financing:

  • new or used construction equipment
  • heavy equipment
  • general machine equipment
  • industrial equipment
  • cranes
  • yellow iron
  • bulldozers
  • scrapers
  • graders
  • forklifts
  • excavators

These are only a few of the areas or types of equipment we’ve helped finance in the past. However, we are not limited by these choices. Contact us today and we’d be happy to discuss other ways we can assist you with construction equipment financing.

Some of our customers

  • Are interested in the lowest rate.
  • Are interested in a specific tax treatment.
  • Want to avoid breaching existing lending covenants.
  • Are interested in the longest term.
  • Are interested in getting reimbursed for equipment they have already paid for.
  • Want seasonal or other cyclical structures.
  • Want to finance software.
  • Want to us to give the seller a deposit before the equipment is shipped.

All of our customers want a fair deal at a fair price and no surprises.

Connect with us and apply now