How Much Does a Cold Planer Cost? How To Finance Cold Planers

The cold planer is a versatile attachment used with skid steers and compact track loaders. It is essential for removing and resurfacing pavement, as well as creating slots in asphalt surfaces. The cold planer is a cost-effective way to tackle a variety of jobs without the costs associated with traditional milling equipment.

In this article, we will discuss:

  • What a cold planer is used for
  • The cost of a cold planer
  • Renting vs. buying a cold planer
  • Financing options for purchasing a cold planer

What Is a Cold Planer?

As mentioned, a cold planer is a powerful attachment for skid steers and compact track loaders and is typically used for removing asphalt, tapering the edge of roads, mating unaligned pavements, cutting parking lot drainages, and creating slots. The cold planer can be used for a variety of jobs, such as patchwork or larger-scale resurfacing projects.

Since cold planers are easily maneuverable around obstacles, they’re great options to use when large, heavy machines aren’t necessary or can’t fit on the job site. With a variety of sizes available for both skid steers and compact track loaders, cold planer attachments are an affordable way to cut and mill concrete and asphalt in a controlled manner.

Companies invest a lot of time and resources to choose the right skid steer or track loader for their needs, especially when it comes to planers. These drum-shaped machines have blades that spin quickly and remove concrete or asphalt from roads. They come in different widths, depending on how much pavement needs to be removed. For example, narrow drums can handle patch jobs, while wider drums are better suited for large projects.

How Much Does a Cold Planer Cost?

The cost of cold planers can vary significantly depending on the size and type you choose. Generally, cold planers range in price from about $2,000 to $35,000. Small cold planers for skid steers are usually less expensive than those for track loaders. The most cost-effective cold planer options tend to be cold planers for skid steers with a cutting width of 18 inches or less.

Factors that may affect the cost of a cold planer include:

  • Size: Cold planers for skid steers and track loaders come in various widths, from 6” to 36”. The bigger the unit, the more expensive it will likely be.
  • Brand: Cold planers come in a range of brands, including Bobcat, Caterpillar, and others. Certain brands may be more expensive than others.
  • Features: Cold planers may come with additional features such as dust suppression, extra cutting teeth, and more.

In your search for the right cold planer for your business, you might come across these top cold planer brands. The average cost of cold planers from these preferred providers is as follows:

  • Caterpillar cold planer: $6,000 to $20,000
  • Bobcat cold planer: $2,500 to $12,000
  • Bomag: cold planer: $6,000 to $13,000
  • SANY cold planer: $6,000 to $20,000
  • Dynapac cold planer: $7,000 to $35,000
  • LiuGong cold planer: $6,000 to $20,000
  • Roadtec cold planer: $6,000 to $20,000

Renting vs. Buying a Cold Planer

When it comes to cold planers, you can either rent one or purchase one. There is no right answer when it comes to cold planers — what works best for your company will depend on a variety of factors.

Renting a cold planer may be the best option if you only need it for occasional use or if you don’t have the capital to purchase one. It also allows you to try out different types of cold planers and decide what works best for your business.

However, if you need a cold planer regularly or on a long-term basis, buying may be the better option. Buying cold planers gives you the ability to use them whenever needed, and you don’t have to worry about the cost of renting.

Financing Options for Purchasing a Cold Planer

If you decide to purchase a cold planer, you may be able to finance it through different financing options such as leasing, bank loans, and more. Most cold planer manufacturers offer financing programs, so you can spread out the cost of the cold planer over a period of time.

There are also financial brokers, such as Charter Capital, that can help you find the best financing option for cold planers. They can work with your business to understand your needs and budget, then provide you with tailored cold planer financing solutions.

The benefits of financing your cold planer include:

  • The ability to stay competitive with the latest cold planer technology
  • Easier budgeting and cash flow management
  • Potentially lower monthly payments
  • Increased buying power
  • No need to use business funds
  • The ability to upgrade cold planers as needed

Ready To Invest In a Cold Planer? Charter Capital Is Here For You

Cold planers are effective tools for milling, patching, and removing roads. Whether you decide to rent or buy a cold planer, it is important to choose the right cold planer for your business’ needs.

If you are looking for cold planer financing options, contact Charter Capital today. Our team of financial experts can help you find the right cold planer financing solution that fits your budget and needs. 


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