Ways to Attract More Customers to Your Landscape Business

12 Ways to Attract More Customers to Your Landscape Business

To help your landscape business thrive, we’ve gathered 12 effective strategies from marketing managers, founders, and directors in the industry. From leveraging customer reviews to providing personalized solutions, these experts share their best tactics to attract more customers and grow your business.

  • Leverage Customer Reviews
  • Build a Strong Network
  • Organize Landscaping Workshops
  • Utilize Email Marketing
  • Showcase Work on Social Media
  • Offer Referral Incentives
  • Get Listed on Business Sites
  • Highlight Before-and-After Photos
  • Offer Free Consultations
  • Solve Common Customer Problems
  • Distribute Flyers Effectively
  • Provide Personalized Solutions


Leverage Customer Reviews

It could be as simple as asking a customer for a face-to-face testimonial that you can add to your website or asking them to create a review on your Google My Business listing.

This is important for several reasons:

Social Proof – Customer reviews provide social proof of the quality and satisfaction of your services. Positive reviews from happy customers act as endorsements, assuring potential customers that your landscaping business is reliable and trustworthy.

Credibility and Trust – Reviews help build credibility and trust in your business. When potential customers see positive feedback from previous clients, they are more likely to trust your expertise and feel confident in hiring your services.

Differentiation – In a competitive market, customer reviews can help differentiate your landscaping business from others. If you have a strong reputation with positive reviews, it can give you an edge over competitors who may not have as much feedback or positive customer experiences.

Ed Powell, Founder, Steel Landscaping Co.


Build a Strong Network

You can never afford to undermine the importance of networking in the home improvement niche. So when your expertise is landscaping, you will undoubtedly need the support of other professionals in the segment to support you and send some business your way. And vice-versa, of course! 

Let me give you an example. When our team works on a project, our homeowner clients always ask us for recommendations for any other work they need in their homes or on their property. They do this because they know we’ll have the right connections and will also offer honest and dependable recommendations. We promptly provide these to them, of course, and remind the contractors that they owe us one! In return, when these contractors find the opportunity to recommend our business, they do so without hesitation. 

So get around to building a solid network, share recommendations freely, and you are sure to see a significant rise in business.

Neil Platt, Director, Emerald Home Improvements


Organize Landscaping Workshops

One interesting idea to attract new customers is to organize workshops about landscaping. Such events can be easily promoted on social media and through local advertising. 

During the event, you can share your knowledge and experience and perhaps establish valuable long-term relationships with people who are interested in hiring your services for their own landscaping or gardening needs. You can also provide attendees with promotional materials to help spread the word about your company even further.

Natalia Brzezinska, Marketing and Outreach Manager, ePassportPhoto


Utilize Email Marketing

If you’re looking to attract more customers to your landscape business, why not consider email marketing? 

Email is a powerful tool to get the word out about your services. Not only can you use email marketing campaigns to promote specific deals or discounts, but you can also create targeted content and send it directly to potential customers. 

This allows you to make sure that relevant information reaches people who are most likely interested in what your company has got going on. Plus, it gives them an easy way of getting in touch and making a purchase right away!

Roksana Bielecka, Community Manager, ResumeHelp


Showcase Work on Social Media

If you’re in the landscape business, there’s nothing better than showcasing your work through photos and videos on popular social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook!

Since so many customers turn to social media to find businesses nowadays, showcasing your landscape designs through compelling images and videos can both capture the attention of potential customers and demonstrate the quality of your work.

To begin, consider investing in high-quality photography and videography equipment and/or hiring a professional photographer or videographer. It’s also important to consistently post content on social media, like your most recent projects. Using relevant hashtags and tagging your location can also help your content reach a larger audience and attract potential customers in your area.

After showcasing your work, engage with your followers and potential customers! Responding promptly to comments and direct messages will help you establish a positive reputation and build trust!

Ben McInerney, Director, Go Tree Quotes


Offer Referral Incentives

One effective strategy to attract more customers to a landscape business is to offer referral incentives. Referral incentives can motivate existing customers to refer their friends, family, and acquaintances to the business. This can help generate new leads and expand the customer base at a relatively low cost.

The referral incentive can be a discount, free service, or other reward for each successful referral. This can encourage existing customers to actively promote the business to their network, knowing that they will receive a benefit if their referral leads to new business for the landscape company.

Josh Amishav, Founder and CEO, Breachsense


Get Listed on Business Sites

One of the best strategies to attract more customers to your landscape business is to make sure you are listed on all the major business listing sites. If you are listed on Yelp, Google, Yellow Pages, and other sites, you will reach more potential customers. 

This is because people often search these sites when they are looking for a business like yours. By making sure you are listed on these sites, you will make it easy for people to find you.

Matthew Ramirez, CEO, Paraphrase Tool


Highlight Before-and-After Photos

A powerful strategy to attract more customers to your landscape business is to utilize eye-catching before-and-after photos that highlight your work. Showcasing these transformations on your website, social media, and other marketing materials allows potential clients to visualize the impact of your services. 

By demonstrating your ability to transform outdoor spaces, you can build credibility and inspire potential customers to choose your landscape business for their projects.

Burak Özdemir, Founder, Online Alarm Kur


Offer Free Consultations

The best strategy for attracting customers to your landscape business is offering free consultations. Giving potential customers this chance to discuss their outdoor space needs with professional landscapers opens the door for future business. Landscapers can use this opportunity to showcase their knowledge and provide personalized recommendations, while customers get to see if the landscaper fits with their style or approach to work.

By offering value without obligation upfront, potential customers are more likely to choose that landscaper when it’s time for action. During the consultation sessions, landscapers can display their portfolio and provide references from satisfied customers; this helps build trust between themselves and prospective customers and increases the chance that they choose that landscaper as the right one for their project.

Shaun Connell, Founder and CEO, U.S. Dictionary


Solve Common Customer Problems

One of the best ways to attract customers is to solve a problem they have. In the landscaping business, this counts too—if you can identify a common problem that those you target with your business have, you can work on a method to solve that issue. 

A survey can be useful in this case. You would use the survey to collect details from a local population—and the goal here is to determine specific pain points they have, as well as issues that they are facing with the landscaping company that’s currently working on their lawn.

Dr. Willy Portier, Co-founder, Concerty


Distribute Flyers Effectively

One cost-effective strategy for attracting more landscape business customers is distributing flyers indoor slots or on homeowners’ doorsteps. This approach works especially well in suburban settings. After completing a job, a landscaper can devote 15 minutes to distributing flyers at neighboring houses, offering their services.

This method offers two significant advantages. First, it ensures that marketing happens at a time when homeowners may be contemplating such services. If someone purchased your service at a specific time, the odds are that other customers might require the same service.

Second, it eliminates the need for costly direct mail campaigns and saves the trouble of driving to new areas just for flyer distribution. It’s a straightforward, cost-effective strategy that can effectively bring in new business at a low cost.

Axel DeAngelis, Founder, Jumpcoast


Provide Personalized Solutions

To attract more customers to your landscape business, provide personalized landscaping solutions based on the specific needs and preferences of your customers. Instead of offering a generic set of services, customize your services to create unique and interesting outdoor landscapes that align with your client’s vision. 

Communicate regularly with clients to understand their changing needs and requirements and adjust the services accordingly. Offer flexible packages that cater to the budget and time requirements of your customers, and provide creative and innovative design solutions that exceed their expectations. 

Use social media and online channels to promote your services and your clients’ stunning outdoor spaces. By offering personalized solutions, your landscape business will stand out from the rest and continue to attract a steady stream of loyal customers.

Anirban Saha, Founder, MrPlanter