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Equipment Financing Rates For 2023 & Beyond (What to Expect)

Navigating the world of equipment financing can feel like a maze, especially with 2023’s financial twists and turns. From inflation spikes to other money matters, it’s been quite the rollercoaster. So, what does all this mean for businesses looking to grow? Let’s dive in and break down the nitty-gritty of the current financing scene and what it holds for the future.

How are Equipment Financing Rates Determined?

Equipment financing rates are influenced by the lender’s cost of funds and the desired profit margin. Additionally, the borrower’s creditworthiness, the equipment’s type and value, and the prevailing economic conditions play crucial roles. The loan term length might also influence interest rates, and competition among lenders can lead to adjustments in rates to attract potential borrowers.

Inflation also plays a part in determining average equipment financing rates. As the cost of money increases, lenders will generally adjust their interest rates to account for these changes. We talk more about inflation below.

Understanding Inflation’s Role in Equipment Financing Costs

Inflation acts as an economic phenomenon where the value of currency decreases, resulting in an increase in the general level of prices for goods and services. When inflation rises, the purchasing power of money dips, which means you need more money to buy the same amount of goods or services.

This plays directly into equipment financing rates because as inflation rises, the cost of borrowing also increases. Lenders will adjust their interest rates to ensure they can maintain their profit margins in the face of rising inflation.

For borrowers, increased inflation often means higher equipment financing rates, making it more expensive to finance the purchase of new equipment. This could potentially slow down business expansion or force businesses to seek alternative financing methods.

However, it’s also important to note that inflation can also signal a thriving economy, which can mean more business opportunities. It’s a delicate balance that businesses must navigate when considering their financing options in an inflationary environment.

Current Landscape for Equipment Finance Rates

The Equipment Leasing and Finance Association’s (ELFA) forecast for equipment financing in 2023 projects a modest growth rate of 0.9%. Although the sector experienced a rebound in the second quarter following weaker performance in the first quarter, this upward trend is expected to taper off in the latter half of the year.

The anticipated slowdown is attributed to businesses scaling back on investment as a result of higher interest rates and a sluggish economy. Notably, most equipment verticals are currently below their historical average, indicating a persistently weak investment climate in the near term.

Despite the challenges posed by higher interest rates and economic headwinds, equipment financing remains a crucial aspect of business operations. The growth rate may be subdued, but organizations are likely to continue leveraging equipment financing solutions to acquire the necessary tools and technologies.

By partnering with trusted financing providers, businesses can navigate the evolving economic landscape and align their investment strategies with the prevailing market conditions in 2023.

Equipment Financing Predictions Beyond 2023

ELFA predicts that the U.S. economy will experience a growth rate of 1.6% in 2023, driven by stronger-than-expected growth in the first quarter. This growth was fueled by various factors, including consumer and government spending, net exports, and business investment, indicating a broad-based expansion. However, despite the current positive state of the economy, the association still anticipates a recession to commence, affecting average equipment financing rates before the end of the year.

There are several economic tailwinds that are expected to contribute to growth in 2023 and beyond. First, the strong labor market, which has already added over 1.7 million jobs in the first half of 2023, continues to surpass expectations. 

This robust job market not only boosts employment but also fuels consumer spending, which is a key driver of economic growth. There are also indicators that suggest the manufacturing construction spending boom is likely to persist, further supported by new federal policies.

ELFA’s predictions for 2023 and beyond reflect a cautiously optimistic outlook for the U.S. economy. While there are positive indicators, such as strong job growth and sustained consumer spending, the potential for a recession remains a concern. Monitoring these economic factors will be crucial in determining the trajectory of the U.S. economy in the coming years.

Alternative Equipment Financing

If traditional banks are retreating, alternative financing platforms are advancing, filling the void and reshaping the financing ecosystem. The growth isn’t just incremental; it’s transformative.

What’s driving this shift? 

  • Customization: Alternative lenders often offer more tailored solutions.
  • Rapid Turnaround: The approval and disbursement processes are streamlined.
  • Innovative Products: From crowd-funded equipment financing to blockchain-backed loans, there’s a wealth of innovative products to explore.

However, while these options abound, businesses must navigate with discernment, ensuring they partner with reputable platforms that offer transparent equipment financing rates and terms.

Charter Capital: Navigating Complexity with Confidence

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