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At one time or another, just about every active business will face the challenge of replacing an old piece of equipment or a software program or acquiring new widget machine to help keep their business competitive or to accommodate growth.  These are good challenges to have.  The challenge that’s not so good is figuring out how you’re going to pay for it.  What you really need it to know what your options are and that’s where Charter Capital can help.

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When faced with paying for a new piece of equipment most small business owners simply defer to what they believe is the cheapest solution and that’s their bank.  That may be the cheapest solution and it may even be the best solution but there are about a gazillion reasons why it might not.  A few years ago, we wrote an article titled “Stuff Most Bankers Won’t Tell You” and despite the passage of time and lots of new banking and lending regulations, all of the reasons outlined in that article remain true today.  If you would like to learn what they are just, click here. 

The article deals with things that most business owners and managers simply don’t know about banks but ought to.  What the article does not address is ……If not my bank then who?  Answer: Charter Capital because we provide our customers with financing options.

For over 40 years we have been developing relationships with hundreds of banks, commercial finance companies, and private investment groups.  During that time, we’ve focused on what these lenders actually do rather than what they say they do.  We’ve studied, tracked and analyzed how each lender approaches and values things like credit, collateral, location, industry, financial condition, and many other components.  In fact, we created a matrix that identifies each lender in our network and how they react to 41 separate criteria for their approve/decline decision.  At this point, we know our lenders pretty well and that helps us help you decide which one is best for you.

When a customer applies for a loan or a lease, we create an individual transaction profile that identifies all of the major decision components used by our lenders.  We match that against profile against our Matrix to determine the best lenders for that customer’s specific need and present that information to our customer so they can make an intelligent choice. 

Let Charter Capital help you connect with the best source of funding for your business.  Call or email us today!

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